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Impermanent geometric drawings on the beach 20. Feb2012

Jim Denevan is a surfer, a sand artist, and a self-taught chef, the man behind the traveling... READ MORE >>

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Book Sculptures 19. Feb2012

Most people read books on a regular basis, we gain knowledge and obtain lessons that might be ... READ MORE >>
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Drawing with Fire 18. Feb2012

Artist Steven Spazuk began his career as many artists do, a gradual transition from sketching and ... READ MORE >>
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Ferocious Underwater Playing Dogs 17. Feb2012

Photographer Seth Casteel (website seems to be going up and down, so here’s Facebook as well)... READ MORE >>
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Luminous Field by LuftWerk 16. Feb2012

Cloud Gate, or affectionately The Bean, by Anish Kapoor - art installation in Chicago. No matter ... READ MORE >>
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